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LOOK | Duman Fest Displays Kapampangan Flare, Products Anew

Following its comeback last year after being halted by the pandemic, the Duman Festival put on display Kapampangan talents and products anew as it celebrated its 22nd year on December 2, 2023.
Local theater group, Arti Sta. Rita exhibited another masterful performance, showcasing their acting, singing, and dancing prowess at Santa Rita Eco Park.
In this year’s celebration of the festival, the theater group toured the audiences to different municipalities across Pampanga as they performed various local songs from the selected municipalities.
On the other hand, local food stalls and alfresco dining selling native Kapampangan products, foods, and delicacies were displayed at the same place.
The acclaimed duman limelighted the products, as various stalls sold delicacies made from the said rice.
Since 2002, the festival has been conducted on the first Saturday of December each year to commemorate the long-standing custom of winnowing and crushing unripe glutinous rice to make duman—a light green or pale gold Kapampangan delicacy.
Photos and report by Patrick Bryan Porras

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