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Vaccine Schedule

1ST BOOSTER : 12-17 years old (make sure na 5 MONTHS interval ne pu ketang 2nd dose na, patuki pu ing GUARDIAN da at padala VACCINATION CARDS).
1st BOOSTER for 18 and above please bring vaccine cards. (3 months interval except for Janssen with only 2 months interval king 2nd dose da pu)
2nd BOOSTER: for 50 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE and MEDICAL FRONTLINERS (4 months interval pu ketang 1st BOOSTER da)
2nd BOOSTER: for IMMUNOCOMPROMISED PATIENT: HIV/AIDS/CANCER and TRANSPLANT PATIENTS/DIALYSIS PATIENT/PATIENTS UNDERGOING CHEMOTHERAPY and the like… (3 months interval pu ketang 1st booster da pu..) Bring vaccination cards
2ND BOOSTER: for 18-49 YEARS old with COMORBIDITIES (4 months interval pu king 1st BOOSTER) bring vaccination cards..
8-10 AM king plaza/training Center. Please bring OWN ballpen po and wear face mask..
Thank you po!
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